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Testing, School Choice, PE: A Town Hall Conversation About Florida Education

This week, PBS is launching a new documentary series “180 Days.” One of the films focuses on Hartsville, South Carolina, a rural and poor district which has managed to become one of the highest rating school districts according to South Carolina’s ranking. Tampa public media station WUSF hosted a town hall meeting at Artz 4 […]

66 Students in a Classroom: Why Some Subjects Have No Class Size Limits

Schools can pack as many students as they want into classes likeĀ Calculus, Writing, Spanish and Physical Education. There are no class size limits. But there is the issue of space. In order to accommodate 66 students at once, the girls locker room at Hialeah High is being used as a classroom. There aren’t enough desks […]

How Students Take Physical Education Online

Yesterday we told you Florida’s fastest growing public school district is… online. About 148,000 students sucessfully completed 303,000 half-credit Florida Virtual School courses this past school year. And PE — as in physical education — is a popular class, according to students. So how do you take PE virtually? There are two half-credit courses: Personal […]

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