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Why Mitt Romney’s Education Plan Sounds Familiar To Florida — And What’s New

Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney rolled out his education plan Wednesday in Washington, D.C.: More school choice options; reward high-performing charter schools and help them expand; require easy-to-read school report cards. Stop us if you’ve heard this story before. And if Romney’s influences were still a bit cloudy, he made them explicit in his […]

Explaining How Democrats Want To Make College Financial Aid An Election Issue

You know Democrats and their allies plan to use  cuts to Medicare included in the U.S. House budget against presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and any other member of the GOP running for office this fall. At a press conference in Tampa Thursday, Democrats ran out another line of attack on what the House […]

How The GOP Field Disagrees With Florida’s Education Plan

Do the Republican candidates for president support the ‘Florida model’ for education? On issues of accountability and school choice the answer is yes. However, many in the field criticize the federal role in education and would reduce or eliminate the agency. That puts some of the candidates in conflict with former Gov. Jeb Bush, a […]

Prompted By Presidential Debates, Congressman Introduces New DREAM Act

U.S. Rep. David Rivera of Miami has taken a cue from the presidential contenders and introduced a new version of the DREAM Act providing a fast-track citizenship path for those who enter the military. The original DREAM Act would have provided a citizenship track for the children of undocumented immigrants who had lived in the […]

The 2012 GOP Presidential Field On Education, In Their Own Words

Yesterday we published a guide to where the Republican presidential candidates stand on education issues. Today we’ll let you hear from them in their own words. We’ve selected a few YouTube clips, presented in alphabetical order. Please note that some of these clips are older, and not from the current campaign.

Everything You Need to Know About Education and the Florida 2012 GOP Primary

As the Republican candidates for president arrive in Florida, they agree on one thing: The federal government should have a smaller role in education. But what that role should be varies among the candidates. If you’re still trying to make up your mind, here’s StateImpact Florida’s guide to where the candidates stand on education.

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