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How Florida Should Modernize Its School Grading Formula

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is recommending changes to the state’s school grading formula it believes will make the system fairer, more stable and easier to understand for schools and parents. With state schools making the full transition to Common Core language arts, literacy and math standards, the group says Florida should modernize the nation’s […]

7 Questions About Changing Florida’s School Grading System

Florida’s Board of Education is meeting tomorrow to debate changing the state’s school grading system. The proposal has drawn criticism from educators and parents — particularly a proposal to include students with disabilities in the formula. Here’s seven questions about what’s being proposed, how it could affect schools and why it matters. 1. Why is […]

Digging Deeper On Florida’s New District Rankings

The folks at the Jacksonville Public Education Fund have a terrific post on their blog that adds some context to Florida’s controversial new district rankings. School officials have criticized the rankings as a simplistic measure considering only Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test scores, and ignoring a district’s size, relative wealth and other underlying factors. The Jacksonville […]

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