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Henry Frost: “Please Talk To Me Like Everyone Else.”

Henry Frost and his sister protest for his right to attend his Tampa neighborhood school.

Henry Frost, the autistic Tampa student who wants to enroll in his neighborhood school, did a Q&A with a Huffington Post blogger. Here’s our favorite part, especially number 10: AZ: What are the top 10 things you wish people understood about you? Henry: #1 Please talk to me like everyone else. #2 Please don’t talk [...]

Feedback Loop: Autistic Student, Or Student With Autism?

10-12 AutismRibbon

Our story about Henry Frost’s efforts to enroll in his neighborhood school also sparked a discussion about language. Dean McIntosh criticized our describing Frost as a “student with autism.” The debate is over what’s known as “people first” language — that is emphasizing the person over the diagnosis. But McIntosh says you can’t separate autism [...]

Social Media Helps Student With Autism Find His Voice

Henry Miles Frost and his service dog, Denzel, protest outside a downtown Tampa building during the Republican National Convention. Since he posted the photo to Facebook, he's found global support in his effort to enroll in his South Tampa neighborhood school.

Henry Frost, 13, is fighting for a seat in his neighborhood school, instead of the specialized school administrators have found appropriate for him. His photo – and his cause – has gone viral since the photo was posted at the end of August.

Orlando Charter School Excels At Serving Students With And Without Disabilities

When her three-year-old granddaughter moved to Orlando, the dean of education at the University of Central Florida knew exactly where she should go — a school founded for children with disabilities. Young Ellie doesn’t have a disability. But Sandra Robinson says she’s still best served in the toddler program at the UCP Bailes campus in [...]

Why Everyone Learns More When Students With Disabilities Are Included

Tres Whitlock, who tried to enroll in a charter school last fall. Whitlock was told the school could not provide the services he needed.

More than 86 percent of charter schools do not enroll a single student with severe disabilities, according to a StateImpact Florida investigation. School district data shows that students with disabilities are often clustered into a small number of specialty charter schools. Meanwhile, most charter schools enroll very few students with profound disabilities — if any [...]

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