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Florida First State To Require Concussion Training For High School Athletes

There’s growing concern about the risks of concussions in young athletes. For years, high school coaches have had to take courses on the dangers of head injuries. This year, for the first time, all high school athletes in Florida are required to educate themselves about concussions before they can compete. As the George Jenkins High […]

Why ‘Community Schools’ Are Taking Root In Florida

Evans High School Part of the curriculum at Evans High School Evans High School in Orange County used to be known as a dropout factory. But since 2007, it’s gone from a two-time F-rated school to a B-rated school – in one of Orlando’s most troubled neighborhoods. Now, the “community school” concept is spreading to […]

Miami-Dade Superintendent: Get Your Shots (Even Flu)

Miami-Dade school leaders say are concerned about a measles outbreak spreading across the country and urge parents to vaccinate their children. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says vaccinations work and the district is tracking whether students get their required shots. Carvalho says 98 percent of Miami-Dade students have been vaccinated or are getting the shots now. “We’ve […]

Why Miami-Dade High School Students Are Teaching Their Classmates About Health

Abuse. Drugs. Mental health issues. It’s tough enough for anyone to talk about those problems. It can be even harder for teens facing them for the first time. That’s why the Health Information Project (HIP) trains high school juniors and seniors to lead freshmen through a year-long health education program. The program is in 37 Miami-Dade […]

Hillsborough Superintendent Says District Is Ready For Medical Emergencies

Hillsborough County schools superintendent MaryEllen Elia is talking about what happened on a district bus when a child with muscular dystrophy stopped breathing and eventually died in 2012, now that the district has settled its lawsuit with the family. In a column written for the Tampa Bay Times, Elia notes the school district has 85 […]

Listen: A Mom Explains Why Florida Testing Policy Needs To Change

At yesterday’s State Board of Education meeting, Orlando mom Andrea Rediske scolded members for state and federal rules requiring standardized testing. Rediske’s son, Ethan, recently became a national story because Andrea Rediske was forced to submit a testing waiver as her dying son was in a morphine coma. Tuesday, she sought support for the Ethan […]

Classroom Comtemplations: Lessons After The School Day Ends

Editor’s note: Names of teachers and students have been changed. Madame Logan is a retired high school French teacher. She was filled with stories of former students who had contacted her to tell her of the effects she had on them. Most of these effects were, at best, indirectly related to the French they had […]

What Hillsborough County Disabilities Advocates Want From The School Board And State Leaders

About two dozen protestors gathered Thursday to ask Hillsborough County school officials to change school policies after three students with disabilities dies following school-related events this year. The most important change they requested is that all aides working with students with disabilities are properly trained. But the group also had a more detailed list of […]

The Downside Of A High-Tech Classroom

As Florida works its way toward the digital transition in classrooms by 2015, a publication is questioning whether the potential health hazards are worth it. Dumping textbooks for technology won’t be a problem for most students, who’ve grown up with cell phones and iPods. Some adults, however, are having trouble with the change. Three organizations […]

Explaining The Creeping Cost Of Missing School

As many as 15 million students are missing at least one in 10 days of school every year, reducing their chance of graduating from high school or college. That’s according to a new report from GetSchooled.org and researchers at Johns Hopkins University. At a weekend education conference in Philadelphia, GetSchooled and other experts cited three […]

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