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Parent Trigger Bill Leads To Debate About “Authentic Parents”

As parent trigger legislation again moves through the Florida Legislature, the group Fund Education Now is mad at the lawmakers who revived the bill after its narrow defeat last year. The Parent Empowerment in Education bill, better known as the parent trigger, would enable parents at chronically failing schools to petition the school board for […]

Gov. Rick Scott Sitting Down With Teachers And Parents To Talk Florida Schools

Gov. Rick Scott will set out on a “listening tour” of Florida schools this week. His plan is to get input from teachers, students and parents. Scott says he “wants to hear Florida’s education stakeholders voice their ideas on how to improve the education of our state’s children.” Scott has been accused of not listening […]

What The Florida Board Of Education Should Look For In Next Commissioner

The Florida Board of Education meets Friday to discuss the search for a new Education Commissioner. Education advocates and community groups sent a letter to Gov. Rick Scott today asking him to consider search criteria offered by people other than state board members. The coalition, led by Fund Education Now, says the Board of Education […]

Harvard Researcher Says Third Graders Benefit From Retention And Extra Instruction

Florida’s policy of retaining third graders based on state standardized test scores has a positive long-term impact on those students, according to a new study from the Brookings Institute. Retention only works when the students who are held back are provided with extra instruction and the money to fund those programs, according to Harvard University […]

Florida Parent Group Offers Recommendations For Next Education Commissioner

A group that’s glad to see Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson go hopes you’ll inundate Gov. Rick Scott with suggestions about choosing his replacement. Robinson submitted his resignation Tuesday. His last day on the job is August 31. Orlando-based Fund Education Now says they want a commissioner that will listen to parents and educators more […]

Governor Scott Says Florida Students Might Face Too Much Testing

Gov. Rick Scott says Florida students might be tested too much, and is talking to teachers and education officials about what changes should be made to the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Scott’s made the comments Friday at a newspaper editor meeting, the Associated Press reported. Testing is important to measure quality, Scott said, but the […]

Jeb Bush Taking Florida Education Ideas Nationwide

Indiana education superintendent Tony Bennett was new to office and looking to make dramatic changes to his state’s schools. The biggest? Require third graders pass a state reading test or get held back. But the state lawmakers were hesitant. So Bennett and Gov. Mitch Daniels, both Republican, called in some help: Former Florida Gov. Jeb […]

New FCAT Brings New Complaints

Students across the state are beginning the annual Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test season this week, and critics of the high-stakes test have some new complaints this year. The Florida Department of Education has raised minimum requirements for the reading portion of the test. The goal is to improve performance long-term, but state officials admit that […]

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