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Florida PTA Wants State To Consider Delaying School Grades

The Florida PTA is asking state leaders to consider delaying school grading to give students and schools time to adjust to new math and language arts standards and online tests. This is the first year every grade is using Florida’s Common Core-based standards and students will take the new Florida Standards Assessment early in 2015. […]

State Board Tweaks Standards Despite Objections

The State Board of Education approved changes to the state’s K-12 standards that keeps calculus and cursive writing, and clarifies and adjusts when some standards are taught. The board approved the changes despite dozens of parents and activists asking the board to rescind the standards. The vote marks another –possibly final — transformation for Florida’s […]

Five Takeaways On Florida’s Switch To New Academic Standards

Florida schools are in the midst of switching to new, tougher education standards adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia. Known as Common Core State Standards, educators say the new requirements will not only ask students what they know but require them to demonstrate how they know it. Wednesday night, St. Petersburg College […]

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