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School Choice, By The Numbers

The folks over at redefinED have compiled the enrollment figures for school choice programs across Florida, including McKay scholarship for students with disabilities, dual enrollment in college courses, home schooling and other options. Their conclusion: That a growing number of Florida students and parents believe they should be able to choose the school program which […]

Rural Students Vs. Urban Students: Who Performs Better in College-Level Classes?

In Florida’s rural counties, high school leaders say they can’t offer as many college-level courses as large urban high schools. But rural students are more likely to earn college credit for the college courses they do take, than urban students. Low participation counts against the grade high schools get by the state, which is tied to […]

Grading Florida Schools: Opportunities Lag for Rural Students

Florida high schools are being judged by the number of students enrolled in college-level classes. It’s tied to bonus money from the state. But in Florida’s rural counties, small schools say they can’t compete with the opportunities at large urban schools. Ashley Carr, a senior at Sneads High School in rural Jackson, Fla., is worried […]

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