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Charter School Takes Aim At At-Risk Students

Of the more than 600 charter schools in Florida. Some focus on the arts, some on sciences. Others are high schools that help students who are at risk for not finishing or dropping out completely. At the crossroads of  busy four lane highway in Clearwater, students have to make their way through the noise and […]

Mining Student Data To Keep Kids From Dropping Out

It’s report card day at Miami Carol City Senior High, and sophomore Mack Godbee is reviewing his grades with his mentor, Natasha Santana-Viera. The first quarter on Godbee’s report card is littered with Ds and Fs. This quarter, there are more Cs and Bs. He’s got an A in English. “Congratulations on that,” says Santana-Viera. “When you need help, do you know where […]

Program Focusing On “Dropout Factories” Adds Schools In Miami

A program designed to turn around at-risk schools and students has expanded in Miami schools. Diplomas Now is based on research by Johns Hopkins University professor Robert Balfanz. He found that a sixth grader who exhibits just one of four warning signs is 75 percent more likely to drop out of high school. From Diplomas […]

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