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Scott, Lawmakers Making School Technology A Budget Priority

The chairman of the Senate’s Education Committee said Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers want to spend at least $40 million, and likely more, to upgrade school Internet capacity and add new computers, tablets and other digital tools. Sen. John Legg, R-Port Richey, said education technology is a priority for Scott and both Republican and Democratic […]

Why A Business Owner Is Teaching South Florida Students To Write Computer Code

Felecia Hatcher is on a mission. She wants to bridge the tech education gap in Florida’s schools and give underserved students the chance to become web-based entrepreneurs. She started the program Code Fever last year to reach that goal. “Technology will allow [the students] to build their businesses and catapult their ideas much faster and definitely […]

Scientific American Takes A Look At The Future of Education

The August issue of Scientific American takes a look at the possibilities of high-tech education. The magazine’s editors argue that the rising demand for higher education and shrinking budgets are forcing schools to deploy new tools and methods for students. From the introduction to the special report: What is driving this digital revolution? One factor […]

Florida Matters — How Schools Are Preparing For New Technology Requirements

Florida schools are gearing up for new education standards and accompanying online testing. Schools must also prepare to deliver half of all classroom instruction digitally by 2015. So what will this mean for students, teachers and schools? It’s the subject of this week’s Florida Matters on WUSF radio. Senate Education Committee chairman John Legg, Hillsborough […]

What Two School Districts Are Doing To Give More Students A Computer

Two education technology stories caught our eye today, touching on questions of the cost and support needed when schools provide laptop or tablet computers for their students. The questions are important in Florida because lawmakers have required schools to deliver half of their classroom instruction digitally by 2015. Schools are also preparing for new online […]

Why Mobile Devices Might Mean Shorter Attention Spans

Mobile gadgets such as phones and tablet computers may be eroding kids’ attention spans and contributing to a rise in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnosis, according to researchers in this Time magazine piece. That’s because mobile devices condition their users to expect constant, electronic stimulus. When kids put down those devices, the real world can seem slow-paced […]

Visit Sarasota County’s Classrooms Of Tomorrow

We recently told you about the high-tech math and science classrooms in Sarasota County. That story was this week’s StateImpact Florida feature on state public radio stations. Listen to the story and check out some of the photos of actress Mayim Bialik working on algebra problems and science experiments with students.

Why Foundations Must Help Florida Schools Make The Digital Switch

Sarasota County school could not have renovated 50 classrooms and stuffed them with high-tech learning tools without the help of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation. The foundation saw a need to improve science, technology, math and engineering education, or STEM, in Sarasota and Charlotte counties, says Chris Pfahler, who manages the foundation’s STEMsmart program. So […]

Sarasota County’s High-Tech Classrooms Have A Starring Role

The algebra problem asked the Sarasota County middle school students to figure out how much Sheldon, Amy and Howard – characters on the television show “The Big Bang Theory” – spent on tickets and popcorn while seeing “The Lord of The Rings.” The students talked through their work in small groups around the room. A […]

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