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Common Core Opponents Having Little Success In Florida — So Far

Tim Curtis says the federal government doesn’t have a record of getting things done. It’s why the Tampa resident is concerned the federal Department of Education offered grants to states adopting new math and English standards known as Common Core. Earlier this month, 150 members of the Tampa 9/12 Project – a group which shares […]

New Yorkers Sound Off On New State Exams

A professor at Teacher’s College, Columbia University has set up a website to allow New York students, parents and educators to post comments about the new state English language arts test. The tests are now tied to Common Core education standards adopted by 45 states — including Florida. New York students have been taking the […]

Private Companies’ Big Move Into K-12 Education

There is a lot to chew on in Reuters’ reporter Stephanie Simon’s look at private equity and venture capital investments in the education market. The story is the talker of the week among those who fear the worst when Wall Street gets involved with schools. We’ll highlight two passages from the story. First, investors are […]

On The Origins Of The Parent Trigger

Former California State Sen. Gloria Romero writing at redefinED takes education historian Diane Ravitch and others to task over the inspiration for the parent trigger. Why does it matter to Florida? Because the parent trigger was the most contentious education bill during the last legislative session and it’s coming back when lawmakers return in 2013. […]

How Jeb Bush Stood Up To ALEC For National Education Standards

Last summer, a multi-state legislative group was meeting in New Orleans to hammer out a list of education priorities. The group, the American Legislative Exchange Council, includes both lawmakers and corporate members who favor limited government and free market policies. On their agenda in New Orleans was a resolution opposing the still-developing Common Core national […]

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