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Essay: How To Teach Brown V. Board To A Class Of All Black Students

Here’s a question: How do you teach a class of all black students in an all black school that Brown v. Board of Education ended segregation decades ago? That isn’t a hypothetical question, but one I remember clearly asking myself. I was teaching American History for the first time in one of our nation’s many […]

60 Years After Brown, Reflections On Desegregation In Florida

Brown v. Board of Education—the Supreme Court decision declaring segregated schools are inherently unequal—turns 60 years old this weekend. Earlier this week, we brought you memories from students and teachers who were there in the early days of desegregation. And now, with decades of perspective, here are some of their reflections on the legacy of Brown: Mamie […]

Remembering Early Desegregation In Florida

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education—the Supreme Court decision declaring separate schools were inherently unequal. A recent ProPublica investigation found at least 300 school districts that are still under court-ordered desegregation. Eleven of those districts are in Florida. Even though Miami-Dade County had those desegregation orders lifted relatively recently in 2001, it was an early […]

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