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Algebra Isn’t Enough: Make Precalculus A Bright Futures Requirement

While Florida’s Bright Futures scholarships no longer pay the entire tuition bill at the state’s public universities as they once did, they are still a valuable source of financial support for thousands of students. Recent increases in the minimum scores on SAT and ACT college entrance exams required for Bright Futures eligibility have sparked some […]

Job Market Improving For Recent College Grads, But Pay Is Not

New college graduates are finding it easier to land their first job  — and unemployment rates are dropping for most degree holders. But paychecks are still getting smaller for most recent grads, according to a study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. The study shows that unemployment was down for nearly every […]

Why First Generation Students Find It Tougher To Earn A College Degree

Students who are the first in their family to attend college often have a more difficult time finishing their degree. Research shows those students know less about how to get into and pay for college. And first generation college students are less likely to take tough high school courses needed to be prepared for college. […]

New Bright Futures Rules Changing College Plans For Florida Students

Most new Palm Beach College Students were going through orientation earlier this month, but Jake Seiler was wrapping up his first three courses. Despite earning the highest SAT scores of his two siblings — 1100, on six attempts — Seiler didn’t score high enough this year to earn the Bright Futures Florida Medallion scholarship his […]

Study: Not Going To College Will Cost You

The earnings gap between college graduates and those who only finish high school is growing, according to a new report this week from the Pew Research Center. The median income of a high school graduate in 2013 was about two-thirds that of a college graduates the same year. In 1979, the median income of a […]

How Florida College Majors Are About To Get Meta

College students trying to decide which major and minor to choose have something else to add to the list — meta-majors. The same law which (mostly) eliminates remedial courses at Florida community colleges also creates meta-majors to help streamline the path to a degree. What the heck is a meta-major? In short, they’re eight broad […]

The Average Florida Graduate Isn’t Ready For College, According to SAT Results

Fewer than half of students who took the SAT last year scored high enough to be considered ready for college-level work — including the average Florida public school student who took the test — according to the test’s creator. Just 43 percent of class of 2013 students who took the SAT scored 1550 or higher, […]

The Other Things Florida Schools Should Do To Prepare Grads For College

New education standards adopted by Florida and 44 other states alone won’t be enough to ensure high school graduates are ready for college, according to a new policy brief from the Florida College Access Network. State and education leaders will also need to provide help outside the classroom, such as bolstering school college and career […]

Why The Florida Senate Wants To Change College Remedial Course Requirements

Shakira Lockett always got pretty good grades in school. That’s why she was surprised to find out she had failed her college placement exam at Miami Dade College. Lockett spent a year a half taking remedial classes in reading, writing and math before she could start earning credits toward a degree. She finished her studies […]

Florida College System Students Can Take Their Credits To A Private School

Students who attend Florida’s public colleges can transfer to private institutions in Florida without losing credits. The agreement continues a partnership between the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) and the Florida College System. The agreement — known a 2+2 in higher education circles — enables students to complete a two-year Associate in Arts […]

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