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Report Says Florida Can Boost Economy By Getting Adults Back In School

Gov. Rick Scott has talked a lot about the need to improve education and increase the number of college grads with STEM degrees. From a business perspective, he thinks that’s how Florida will be able to compete globally and lure companies that will bring high paying jobs to the state. The Florida College Access Network […]

Why It’s Harder for College Students to Get Financial Aid This Summer

College students  who need to go to summer school have few choices for grants and scholarships. And their options just shrank. The federal government is no longer giving out a need-based Pell Grant to help students pay for summer tuition. And the replacement is more loans. Senior Courtney Johnson has taken summer courses at Florida International […]

Grading Florida Schools: Opportunities Lag for Rural Students

Florida high schools are being judged by the number of students enrolled in college-level classes. It’s tied to bonus money from the state. But in Florida’s rural counties, small schools say they can’t compete with the opportunities at large urban schools. Ashley Carr, a senior at Sneads High School in rural Jackson, Fla., is worried […]

Student Group Asks Gov. Rick Scott To Veto Tuition Bill

University of Florida senior Andrew Hecht understands the bind in which university president Bernie Machen finds himself. The legislature has cut funding for higher education for several years — and another $36.5 million for the next school year. The money schools depend on to renovate and expand campus facilities is drying up. And Machen is […]

Some Students With Incarcerated, Absent Parents Pay Higher Tuition

A bill seen mostly as an effort to give immigrant families cheaper college tuition rates has died in the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee. The failed SB 106 would have allowed undocumented students and legal Florida residents with undocumented parents to pay in-state tuition rates, which are up to three times less expensive than the out-of-state […]

Students Stage a Sit-In to Fight for College Tuition Equity

Students with the activist group We Are Florida have staged a quiet sit-in at Rep. Carlos Lopez Cantera’s office in Tallahassee today, asking him to support HB 81, a bill that would grant in-state tuition for all youth living in Florida regardless of their immigration status or the immigration status of their parents. As StateImpact Florida […]

Florida Senate Kills Bill Granting In-State Tuition To U.S.-Born Children

A bill that would allow Florida-born U.S. citizens to pay in-state college tuition fees regardless of the immigration status of their parents, died yesterday in the Florida Senate committee on Higher Education. Sen. Steve Oelrich, a Gainesville Republican who chairs the committee, interrupted a 20-year-old Miami Dade College student, Carla Montes, during her emotional testimony. Montes […]

Four Ways Florida Can Improve College Success

Now that the drama over USF Polytechnic is behind us (at least for now,) higher education officials are back to focusing on less showy things…like helping more Florida students to graduate successfully and get good-paying jobs. That last part is the mission of Florida College Access Network (Florida C.A.N.) They’ve issued “A Call for Leadership” […]

SAT Tests Favor White, Male Students, Book Argues

A new book is making a claim against a college admissions staple: the SATs. “SAT Wars” author Joseph Soares says SAT scores are weak predictors of college performance. And he argues the high stakes test tends to cater to white, male students with upper income backgrounds, according to the New York Times. His book points to […]

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