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Amendment 8 Could Revive Vouchers for Religious Schools, Lawyer Says

The battle over Amendment 8 — the Religious Freedom Amendment — is being fought on several fronts: civil rights, the maintenance of vital social services and, recently, public education. The very prospect of allowing religious organizations to receive public funds goaded the Broward County school board to issue a barely-legal public warning last week. The […]

Broward Biggest Violator Of Class Size Requirements

When Florida voters implemented the class size amendment in 2002, they mandated that public schools limit the number of students in core classes like math and science. The limit varies depending on the grade level. Schools were given until the 2010-2011 school year to be in full compliance. Since 2002, districts have been striving to […]

Judge Tosses “Religious Freedom” Amendment Off Florida Ballot

A proposed constitutional amendment in Florida that would have allowed taxpayer funds to go toward religious institutions, including schools, was struck down by a judge Wednesday. Amendment 7, titled “Religious Freedom,” was slated for the November 2012 ballot. It was crafted by legislators last spring to counteract a provision of the Constitution known as the […]

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