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Hillsborough County’s Parent University Is Back In Session

School is back in session, and so is Parent University. Parent University is a partnership between the Alliance for Public Schools and the Hillsborough County school district. Parents can take classes to learn more about district school choice offerings, the transition to middle or high school and how to find financial aid for college. Some [...]

Parent University Provides A Lesson On New Common Core Standards

Joanne Land, right, sorts vocabulary words into tiers to learn more about how Common Core standards work. Land was one of hundreds of parents who attended a recent Parent University session. Many parents said they wanted to learn more about Common Core standards and testing.

The small group of parents hovered over a list of words, deciding where to sort “cloud,” “photosynthesis,” and “google.”  They paid particular attention to words indicating facts, evidence or conclusions. Words such as analyze, convince or insight. Students will use these words to support their conclusions, analysis and opinions. “This is the key category,” said [...]

Group Seeks To Inform, Unite Florida’s Education Activists

Kathleen Oropeza, Christine Bramuchi and Linda Kobert former Fund Education Now in Orlando. They're joining an effort to organize state education activists toward common goals.

A loose-knit network of education activists generally opposed to the direction Florida has been taking its schools recently is attempting to organize into a more potent political force. The groups include parents, people who want more state funding for schools, and others who are fed up with the brand of testing-based school accountability that Florida [...]

Explaining The Differences Between 501(c)3 And 501(c)4 Non-Profits

A group of activists is taking a page from former Gov. Jeb Bush, and forming two non-profit groups to work on education issues. Bush founded the Foundation for Florida's Future and the Foundation for Excellence in Education to research and advocate on issues.

A band of activists is trying to organize Florida education groups toward a common purpose. To do so they are forming two non-profit groups, one a 501(c)3 and the other a 501(c)4. What does that mean? Under Internal Revenue Service rules, a 501(c)3 is a non-profit for religious, charitable or educational purposes. These types of [...]

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