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Miami-Dade Eliminates Most Local Final Exams

The Miami-Dade School District is taking advantage of a new state law and eliminating more than 300 final tests — also known as end-of-course exams. The law rescinds a requirement that districts give students a final exam in all subjects that don’t already have a required state exam. “Today’s announcement should come as welcomed news […]

Miami-Dade Superintendent: Get Your Shots (Even Flu)

Miami-Dade school leaders say are concerned about a measles outbreak spreading across the country and urge parents to vaccinate their children. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says vaccinations work and the district is tracking whether students get their required shots. Carvalho says 98 percent of Miami-Dade students have been vaccinated or are getting the shots now. “We’ve […]

Miami-Dade Schools Chief Wants To Delay New Testing, School Grades

Miami-Dade superintendent Alberto Carvalho said Florida leaders should rethink the scope and purpose of education testing and give schools more time to prepare for new math and language arts standards. Carvalho’s proposal was published online and emailed to reporters. Carvalho has also been tweeting excerpts since Monday. Carvalho draws a hard line at eliminating testing, […]

More Schools Earn Failing Grades As Florida Prepares For Common Core Switch

More Florida elementary and middle schools earned an F rating this year, according to preliminary public school grades released Friday. But the number of schools earning the state’s highest rating also increased this year. “The increase in the number of schools earning an ‘A’ this year is great news for students and teachers who have […]

Remembering FCAT, 1995-2014

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test is dying, say Florida education officials. By this time next year, the FCAT will be replaced with a new, Common Core-aligned assessment. FCAT was born in 1995 in the humid June of a Tallahassee summer. The Florida Commission on Education Reform and Accountability under Gov. Lawton Chiles gave birth to the test. It was part of […]

Miami Schools Chief: Selection Of New Test Is ‘Insufficient’

Miami-Dade schools superintendent Alberto Carvalho said the process by which Florida chose a new statewide exam was ‘insufficient’ and he questioned whether the test from the American Institutes for Research will be right for Florida. StateImpact Florida’s Sammy Mack caught up with Carvalho today. In particular, Carvalho was concerned the exam would be field-tested in […]

Florida Schools Chief: No Break From School Grades During Switch To New Test

Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said she doesn’t support a proposal from state school superintendents to overhaul the school grading system as Florida switches to new math and language arts standards — and statewide tests — next school year. The Florida Association of District School Superintendents want state leaders to replace the A-through-F grades with […]

Bennett Will Suggest Grading System Changes This Week

Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett said he will recommend changes to the state’s A through F school grading system by the end of the week. Bennett met with school superintendents and researchers Monday to gather concerns and suggestions about the school grading system. Superintendents said they were concerned state requirements had changed too quickly the […]

State Board Wants Superintendents To Review School Grading Formula

The State Board of Education has asked that a panel of school superintendents and other education officials to review the state’s school grading system and potentially recommend changes. Superintendents from Hillsborough and Miami-Dade schools said that they are concerned changes to the school grading system will mean a dramatic drop in school grades. The board […]

Our Twitter Education Forum Is Happening Now

Our Twitter education forum with NPR’s Tell Me More is going on now. Follow the conversation here. Tell us about your schools. What’s working? What doesn’t? What issues are on your mind? Join the conversation at #NPRedchat. Check local listings for when you can hear the Tell Me More broadcast, featuring U.S. Secretary of Education […]

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