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How Better Supervision Might Mean Better Principals In Broward County

A national foundation thinks school principals have more to learn. The Wallace Foundation believes that the people who supervise principals spend too much time making sure they follow rules and procedures — and not enough time mentoring them. So Wallace is launching a $30 million dollar, five-year national experiment to test whether students benefit from […]

Broward Schools Win Grant To Study Principal Supervision

Broward County schools have won a multimillion dollar, five-year grant to help improve supervision of district principals. The grant is part of a $30 million nationwide effort from the Wallace Foundation to focus on a little-noticed slice of school administration in 14 urban districts. The foundation hopes districts spend more time developing principals’ school leadership […]

2011-2012 Florida District Administrator Evaluations

The Florida Department of Education released some administrator evaluation data for the 2011-12 school year on Dec. 5. This is the first time the state has released data for the new administrator evaluations.

What Administrative Costs Say About School District Spending

There is no bigger target for school criticism than what districts spend on administrative staff and other overhead. Joe Taxpayer wants to cry “waste!” when he sees a bunch of bureaucrats bringing down six figures at his expense. The Florida Department of Education knows this, and so they have been adding up how much it […]

Jewish Group Asking FAU For Response To Mock Evictions

A Jewish community group wants some answers from Florida Atlantic University leadership after a Palestinian student group posted mock eviction notices on dorm doors last month. The Anti-Defamation League said the notices were “intimidating” and “hostile” to supporters of Israel, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The FAU chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine put eviction […]

Why Florida Schools Can Paddle Students Against Parents’ Wishes

State law allows schools in Florida to punish students by spanking them with a paddle, which is often a wooden or plexiglass board. The administrators at most schools with corporal punishment policies ask parents for permission to paddle their children. Many principals say they will not paddle a kid against the parent’s wishes. But schools […]

Is Pinellas Superintendent on Her Way Out?

Pinellas County school board members are trying to move up a hearing on Superintendent Julie Janssen’s future with the district, according to the St. Petersburg Times. Board members declined to say whether they would support Janssen staying on at the proposed Aug. 23rd meeting. “‘We need to have, I don’t want to say closure, but […]

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