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Your Next Idaho Phone Number Might Not Start With 208

In less than a decade, Idaho will likely join the ranks of states with more than one area code. That’s right, Idaho’s 208 area code is quickly becoming an endangered species. This isn’t a new story. Back in 2007, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission said the state would run out of 208 phone numbers within […]

Idaho Continues Its Rural Population Decline

New census numbers released this week reinforce something we’ve known for a while: Idaho continues to lose population in rural communities. In 1990, 59 percent of Idahoans lived in cities. Last year, that number was 69 percent. “A third of the city population gain in 2012 came in Ada County, where the suburban community of […]

Bottom Rung: Why One Idaho Border Business Chose Washington

The border between Washington and Idaho is like a petri dish for what the minimum wage does to the economy. That’s where two extremes meet. Idaho has the federal minimum wage: $7.25 an hour. Meanwhile, Washington’s is nearly $2 more. At $9.19, Washington has the highest minimum wage in the nation. You might expect that […]

Bottom Rung: Migration By The Numbers

The latest driver’s license data suggests more 20-somethings are leaving Idaho than ever before. The net loss of Idahoans aged 21-30 last year was 149. The data show 11,530 young people moved to Idaho from other states in 2012, while 11,679 left. Source: Idaho Department of Labor | Idaho Department of Transportation The Idaho Department […]

Bottom Rung: Why An Influx Of Retirees To Idaho Is Creating More Low-Wage Jobs

There’s a brand new pizza joint in southeast Boise. It’s nestled in a mini-strip mall with a gas station, dry cleaner and hair salon. On a recent Friday evening, Franco’s Pizzeria was just starting to pick up. It’s a tiny place. The cash register is only a few steps away from the industrial pizza ovens. […]

Driver’s License Data Offers Real-Time Clues About Who Is Moving To Idaho

Have you noticed more California drivers on Idaho’s roads? Ok, maybe that’s feeding an unfair stereotype, but data show more Californians surrendered their driver’s license for an Idaho card than any other state last year. It’s a clue into who is moving to the Gem State. We put that data on a map…

Idaho’s Population Grew Slightly Faster Than The Nation Last Year

Idaho gained nearly 12,000 between July 2011 and July 2012. That’s according to new data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. Idaho’s addition of 11,984 people is less than a percentage, .8, of growth over the last year. That ranks Idaho 24th among states. This is in contrast to the growth Idaho experienced over […]

Report: Idaho Ranks In The Top Ten For Migration From California

The Idaho Statesman reports Idaho is a top destination for Californians. A report by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research says Idaho ranks 7th for net migration from California. “The main reasons for the Californian exodus are jobs, lower taxes and costs to employers such as utilities, the report said. Idaho was one of seven […]

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