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Meet Idaho Representative Lawerence Denney


Rep. Lawerence Denney (R-Midvale) was first elected to the Idaho Legislature in 1990.  He was Idaho’s Speaker of the House from 2006-2012.

During the December 2012 legislative leadership votes, the House majority caucus voted Denney out as Speaker.

Being Speaker comes with a certain amount of power.  The Speaker can decide when or if a bill is debated.  He can choose which committee gets first crack at a piece of legislation, and he can determine the daily schedule of votes — all of which can be used very strategically at times.

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Denney was born on February 25, 1948 in Adams County, Idaho.  He was raised in Midvale on the family farm and graduated from high school in 1966.  Denney received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics from the University of Idaho in 1970.  After graduation, Denney served in Vietnam and received a Bronze Star.  Denney and his wife have owned a dairy farm.  He also worked at an area lumber mill as a second job.

Rep. Denney believes in as little government as possible, and while he says on his website the legislature should do all it can to assure children get a good education, it’s up to parents not government, to make sure kids get that education.

Lawerence Denney and his wife Donna have four children.

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