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Resource: The Idaho Center For Fiscal Policy


The non-profit, non-partisan Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy launched in 2011.  It’s headed by Idaho’s former chief economist, Mike Ferguson.

The center’s purpose is to provide in-depth analysis of state budget and tax issues, with an emphasis on education, transportation, and public health and safety.

“The mission of the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy is to provide Idaho citizens and elected officials with fact-based information and analysis they can use to make informed public policy decisions that will shape Idaho’s future for generations to come.

The Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy will provide material that is pertinent to Idaho’s public finance issues and present that material in a clear, unbiased and understandable manner.

Analysis produced by the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy will be based on the best available data and methodologies. When analyzing revenue-related issues, the Center will operate under a set of values derived from “Principles of a High-Quality State Revenue System” from the National Conference of State Legislatures.” –

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Is Idaho Winning A Race To The Economic Bottom? That Depends On Who You Ask

Many of Idaho’s monthly and quarterly economic indicators are good. The state’s unemployment rate has dropped steadily, tax collections are on-par with forecasts, gross state product is growing, and so are incomes. But economist Mike Ferguson says it’s not that simple. To get a true sense of where Idaho stands economically, Ferguson says, it’s important […]

Idaho Education Department Disputes Funding Cuts Are Near The Top In The Nation

A recent report by the non-partisan research organization Center on Budget Policy and Priorities says education cuts in Idaho have been among the deepest in the nation over the last five years. As StateImpact reported last week, CBPP’s study shows per-student spending in Idaho has dropped 19 percent since 2008. Just three states have cut […]

How Funding Rural Idaho Schools Became ‘Not Unlike a Barn-Raising’

Sitting on the ground in an overgrown forest outside of Council, Idaho, a couple of weeks ago, logger Mark Mahon strayed from the main subject of conversation.  He was talking about how logging companies like the one he owns with his parents and brother have fared in recent years, but he began talking about the […]

Idaho Economist Mike Ferguson Featured In ‘The Nation’

Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy director Mike Ferguson picked up national press this week.  He’s featured in a Q&A with The Nation. The Nation writer Sasha Abramsky asked Ferguson about his recent report on the decline in state funding for education, the shrinking role of government, and the shift in Idaho politics Ferguson noted during […]

Idaho’s Education Funding Glossary

The non-partisan Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy released a report questioning the constitutionality of Idaho’s school funding plan late last week. Education funding is complicated.  It gets even more complex when you throw in jargon.  The center’s report uses Idaho-specific funding terms, and we found ourselves often looking for the definitions of those.  So, we […]

Economist Mike Ferguson Questions Whether Idaho Is Adequately Funding Education

The Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy released a report last week questioning the constitutionality of Idaho’s education funding system.  Director of the center and former longtime chief state economist Mike Ferguson authored the report.  Two of the largest stakeholders involved, the Idaho Department of Education and the Idaho Education Association have yet to weigh in […]

Study Questions Constitutionality Of Idaho’s Education Funding Plan

A report released today by the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy questions whether the state is meeting its constitutional duty to “maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.” The report is authored by the center’s director Mike Ferguson, who was also Idaho’s chief economist for 25 years. “One of the […]

Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy Launches Website

The Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy unveiled its website today.  The center describes itself as a “non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to providing our state’s citizens and elected officials with fact-based information and analysis to help make informed policy decisions.”  Director Mike Ferguson, who served as Idaho’s chief economist for more than 25 years, says the […]

Idaho’s Former Chief Economist Critical of Gov’s Budget Proposal

Mike Ferguson was Idaho’s chief economist for 26 years.  He left the post in 2010, and heads the new Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy, a non-profit that analyzes state tax and budget policy.  StateImpact asked Ferguson to review the governor’s budget proposal, and the policy priorities it contains. Q: This seems like a different budget […]

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