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Ferguson: Idaho Public Schools Are “Big Loser” Under Personal Property Tax Plan

Local government and school officials from around the state have been weighing in on the Legislature’s draft bill for phasing out Idaho’s business personal property tax since news of it broke last week — even though the draft has not yet been introduced in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee. The bill would phase out […]

Taking Stock Of The Downturn’s Effect On State Education And Medicaid Spending

A National Association of State Budget Officers report shows states are spending a greater share of their general fund dollars on Medicaid, and a smaller share on education.  The Washington Post‘s Wonkblog has summarized and graphed the findings. In Idaho, total general fund spending on education has fallen by 11.6 percent since fiscal year 2009, […]

Idaho Legislators Meet This Week To Learn The Basics, Elect Leaders

Idaho lawmakers are in Boise this week ahead of the 2013 legislative session, which starts January 7.  Beginning this afternoon, there’s a new legislator orientation for the more than 30 percent of lawmakers who are newcomers. Legislators meet behind closed doors Wednesday evening to determine leadership positions for the coming session. The contest for the […]

High Cost Of Republican Caucus Means Thousands Less For State And Local Candidates

The Ada County GOP has been stingy with contributions to local candidates in the run-up to the Nov. 6 election.  When asked how much the Ada County Republicans have been able to spend on races so far, treasurer Darrel McRoberts gives a dejected response. “Not one penny this year,” he says.  “We haven’t been able […]

Data Show State Used Vacant Governor’s Mansion 42 Times In Three Years

Idaho’s never-lived-in governor’s mansion will cost the state about $180,000 to maintain from now until next July. The state has justified that cost by saying the mansion is frequently used by government departments and the first family.  So, we wanted to know just how often it’s used, and how much rent it brings in on […]

Idaho Legislators To Receive Raise, Remain On Honor System For Per Diem Payments

The committee that oversees compensation for state legislators today attempted to clarify when lawmakers may claim the $122 per diem payment intended for those who maintain a second residence during the legislative session.  That payment became a source of controversy last fall, after the AP reported that one state senator claimed it while staying with […]

Session Wrap: All Wind, No Rain In Health Insurance Exchange Debate

It was expected to be one of the biggest debates of the 2012 legislative session: would Idaho create its own health insurance exchange?  The Associated Press held a special discussion of the issue during its January legislative preview.   In a series of interviews that StateImpact conducted in December, legislator after legislator predicted it would […]

Tax Cut For Top Earners Is Official

Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter sent out this tweet earlier today: He’s signed House Bill 563, which lowers the top corporate and individual income tax rates from 7.6 and 7.8 percent respectively, to 7.4 percent. The Associated Press has reported a family of four in the top tax bracket, with a gross income of $100,000, will […]

Session Wrap: Democrat’s ‘IJOBS’ Fails, Again

Democrats in the Idaho Legislature again offered a slate of bills they said would boost economic growth and add jobs to the economy. They dubbed it ‘IJOBS’, and it’s not the first time they’ve attempted to get similar measures through.  Democrats introduced the first round of IJOBS bills back in 2010.  They all failed. This year, […]

Session Wrap: Lawmakers Expand Tax Exemptions

Free samples of beer and wine are now tax-free.  So are parts for some airplanes that are worked on in Idaho. Lawmakers expanded and added new tax exemptions during the 2012 session, adding to a growing list (exemptions start on page 41). Lets start with the new. Through House Bill 417, airplane parts installed into […]

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