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New database shows pollutants in most public water systems

A new national database released Wednesday by the Environmental Working Group shines a light on water quality across the U.S. The database allows users to search by zip code or their local water utility name– aggregating information from nearly 50,000 public water systems. “There is no federal organization that pulls together all these results for [...]

Bill would eliminate buffer requirement for Pennsylvania’s cleanest streams

Yet another battle of the economy versus the environment is taking place in Harrisburg. This time, conservationists say Pennsylvania’s cleanest streams are at stake. A bill (HB1565) working its way through the state legislature would eliminate a requirement for 150-foot buffer zones between new developments and specially protected watersheds. Thick rows of trees and shrubs help [...]

What is the long-term health impact of pharmaceuticals in our water?

At our discussion forum on the Susquehanna Watershed in January, a number of you asked about what we know about the drugs we take getting into our waterways and our drinking water, and whether they could pose a threat to humans or the environment. StateImpact Pennsylvania set out to find some answers.   Scientists have [...]

Coast Guard would require testing before allowing fracking wastewater on barges

Demand from natural gas drillers has prompted the U.S. Coast Guard to propose allowing fracking wastewater to be transported on barges. But under the proposal, the Coast Guard won’t allow it unless they know what’s in it. Many operators recycle wastewater and store it on site, while much of it gets shipped on trucks and rail cars [...]

Coast Guard plans would allow transport of fracking wastewater on barges

The United States Coast Guard has a proposal to allow shale gas drillers to transport fracking waste water on barges. From the Pittsburgh Times Tribune: The Coast Guard did not cite environmental risks in its policy proposal but focused on the threat to barge workers. It may allow barge transport if companies analyze the chemicals [...]

Report: States Falling Short On Goals To Clean Up Chesapeake Bay

A new report on efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay finds although progress has been made, none of the states in the watershed are on track to meet their 2013 cleanup goals. The analysis was conducted by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) and Choose Clean Water Coalition. The report found Pennsylvania was falling short [...]

Gas Industry Building Database Of Water Test Results, But Won’t Make It Public

More than two years ago the Marcellus Shale Coalition, a gas industry trade group, began building an electronic database to house information about the water quality in thousands of private wells across Pennsylvania. It’s made up of “pre-drill” or baseline data– critical information that helps establish whether drilling operations may have caused water contamination issues. The [...]

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