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Featuring Multimedia on Your New Topic Page

As you can see in this documentation, StateImpact topic pages have gotten a facelift. They include some new functionality for you to feature your best posts on a topic and to feature your data apps or interactives that live outside the traditional post format. Those apps or interactives will need to be added as “multimedia” and tagged, just as you tag stories. So here’s the workflow:

  • Choose “multimedia” and “add new” at the dashboard.
  • Add a title, an excerpt, and the URL of the original page or post.
  • Add tags with all the topic pages you want it to appear on.
  • Set a featured image for the multimedia.

What, Why and How on Tag Buildout

WHAT: Tag buildouts are also known in the news community as “topic pages”. On our tag buildout pages, we will offer:

1.) A quick explanation of what the tag means/is.
2.) The most important links about the tag.
3.) All the articles we’ve written about or including that particular tag.

WHY: Because people often start reading a news story “in the middle of the action,” or are brand-new to an ongoing or developing theme and would be aided by a little more understanding of what they’re reading about. We can offer that since you reporters are the experts on your topics.

Read on for the “how” and the screencast to walk you through building out your tags. Continue reading