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Social Media: Beyond Self-Promotion

In this webinar, we share ways to use social media (including Twitter, Facebook and Reddit) to engage with your core communities. We break down simple ways you can tweak the work you are already doing to maximize your social media presence. And we’ll share how other reporters—including your StateImpact brethren—are using social media to inform stories and promote their work.

StateImpact Webinar: Social Media For Reporters from StateImpact on Vimeo.

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How to add a slideshow

Our revised slideshow format is engineered for simplicity and flexibility. Recommended dimensions of slideshow images are the same as recommended dimensions for large images in posts (the ideal photo is 620 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall; height matters less than width in this case), and must be saved in JPG format. While WordPress can “downsize” images that are larger than 620 pixels wide, it cannot “upsize” or make small images larger, so always upload images 620 pixels wide or larger.

The slideshow presentation has been optimized for horizontal images cropped at a 3×2 ratio, so whenever possible use a horizontal image. The slideshow will support other dimensions, but again: the ideal horizontal crop is 620×360. If you must use a vertical, the ideal crop is 300×400. Finally, the depth of vertical images should not exceed 400px.