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How Your Source Can Use an iPhone to Get You Better Audio of Your Phone Interview

Tired of getting lousy tape from phone interviews? With a little help from your source (and a little coaching from you), he or she can use an iPhone to get you better quality audio. Here’s a great tutorial from PBS’ MediaShift — consider sending it to your source if you’re going to try it out.

Eight Interviewing Techniques to Get the Best Sound, Stories

Elise Hu / NPR StateImpact

NPR Education Correspondents Larry Abramson and Claudio Sanchez giving us interviewing tips.

Hello from Indianapolis, where the StateImpact education reporters and editors have gathered for an NPR fly-in sponsored by the Lumina Foundation. There’s no shortage of wonky talk about the big issues in K-12 and higher education, but NPR veterans are also here to offer reporting guidance. Some takeaways from NPR education reporters Larry Abramson and Claudio Sanchez about conducting great interviews for your pieces:

1. Build Great Sources First
Spend time with teachers, administrators and students before you need them. It doesn’t hurt to do a positive story about education or a profile before you careen into a story that’s harder hitting. Continue reading