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How to download Getty Images for your posts

I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about downloading Getty Images; several of you have been running into hurdles. I think it’s because we didn’t communicate a key piece of info when we sent out your logins: our license is limited to Easy-Access Downloads. Fortunately, they compose a large share of the images available to you on the site. This screencast walks you through the process of identifying and downloading images you can use.

How to download Getty Images from Matt Thompson on Vimeo.

Linking to source images

If you make use of an image from another source in one of your posts, it’s standard practice to link the image on your post back to the source page you found the image on. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the image from source page to your desktop.
  2. Upload the image to your post using the WordPress image uploader tool.
  3. Click the edit button under the image in the WordPress uploader tool to scale and/or crop the image to a size that matches one of the recommended image proportions
  4. Add credit and caption information
  5. Cut and paste URL from source page of image into Link URL
  6. Select photo alignment
  7. Insert into post

Finally, please avoid the Add Media File From URL tab (image attached) when grabbing images from external sites. This feature will add an image to your post from another location, but the image file will still be served from the other location. Consequently, if the source site is down or moves the image, we have no way of recovering the file.


Avoid this tab

How to add a slideshow

Our revised slideshow format is engineered for simplicity and flexibility. Recommended dimensions of slideshow images are the same as recommended dimensions for large images in posts (the ideal photo is 620 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall; height matters less than width in this case), and must be saved in JPG format. While WordPress can “downsize” images that are larger than 620 pixels wide, it cannot “upsize” or make small images larger, so always upload images 620 pixels wide or larger.

The slideshow presentation has been optimized for horizontal images cropped at a 3×2 ratio, so whenever possible use a horizontal image. The slideshow will support other dimensions, but again: the ideal horizontal crop is 620×360. If you must use a vertical, the ideal crop is 300×400. Finally, the depth of vertical images should not exceed 400px.