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Embedding DocumentCloud in Posts

Embedding DocumentCloud interactives into posts is simple using a button in the visual editor.

To start, upload your document and add any sections, notes and descriptions, and then publish the document. When open, highlight and copy the document URL:

Next, create a new post. Select the DocumentCloud button in the ribbon above the visual editor:

Paste the URL in the pop-up window. Notice the option to have the document render in a normal or wide view. A wide post eliminates the right rail, showing the document across the entire page at 940px. You also have the option to check a button to add a sidebar if you want to display your notes and sections. The popup looks like this:

After you click insert, a short code with the DocumentCloud URL will appear in the editor:

Add any categories or post text, as needed, and save a draft or publish. You’re done!

Data Reporting Resources You Can Use

Few journalists are programmers or graphic designers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dabble in data journalism online. Here are some free, easy tools that you, our StateImpact reporters, will be using to tell stories.


IBM Many Eyes: A site with multiple visualization tools, including interactive bubble charts, line graphs and tree maps. It’s also among the best (free) places to experiment with text visualization. It has weaknesses, though. Users can’t style graphics to match their own CSS, and the embeds require a Java browser plugin. Still, it’s a neat tool.

Google Charts API: A tool that allows you to create and embed multiple, customizable chart styles without branding or clutter. The API also has multiple libraries for programmers to create charts dynamically from data. Here’s an example.

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