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Regardless whether seeking out a new activity can be your top priority or something that is you may have just setup looking at, you will see that there are lots of top reasons to halt and contemplate how beneficial your CV is. The initial and merely possible opportunity to snatch the attention from a recruiter or simply a human being sources department,your own property CV is in many instances.

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In the event you go the route of recruiter, utilize a chronological resume v .. a resume meaning, and make sure that you can consider any gaps on your resume including your learning credentials. Recruiters have to check and validate your information just before discover yourself to their clients.

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Ensure that is stays right to the stage. Produce an aim for your CV. This can be known as the CV Your own Page, that you would temporarily express your job intent. Publish a quick fact educating the business from the position you could be submitting an application. Are you presently looking for a supervisory part, managerial situation, or building contractors?

Ensure you are thorough when you come up with and revise your resume. Countless employers are trying to find any reason to dispose off a resume?in particular in case they have way too many job seekers. Ensure it is go perfectly consequently making you, as the future staff, look fantastic.

Writing for local business owners is the best way to begin with making profits writing to be a new publisher. You’ll learn that when you get your initially customers, your name will be handed throughout, and you will definitely read more writing careers than you can easily control. Get started with these days.

StateImpact Reporters’ Toolbox: Where to Start?

Steven Depolo / Flickr

StateImpact Policies and Protocol:

What are These Things Called “Topic Pages”?

Building Your Posts and Adding Fun Stuff:

Here is a map of some of the wonderful features you can add to your site. Click on any highlighted feature to learn how to add that feature to a post.  Greatest hits include:

So, You Want To Make An Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are great at illustrating complicated policy issues, sometimes. Over the past two years we have learned several tips for making videos that delight and inform our audiences. It starts with deciding if a video is right for you. Let this handy guide show you the way:

Check out a few examples of successfully videos below and read tips from your StateImpact colleagues.

StateImpact Ohio’s, “A Video Guide to Ohio’s New Way of Evaluating Teachers

Tips from Molly Bloom:

  • The whole process of polishing a script made it a lot better. Realize you’re writing for a different medium and make good use of that.
  • The length was a bit too long, people started to get distracted around the two-minute mark.
  • Showing it to lots of people and seeing what people didn’t understand was really helpful.

StateImpact Florida’s, “A Parent’s Guide To How The New Common Core Tests Are Different From FCAT

Tips from John O’Connor:

  • We directed the video toward a specific group, so we knew who we were talking to and we worked hard to address it to that audience.
  • Don’t try to make videos out of things that don’t work as video.
  • Have someone involved in the project who has done this before to advise the project.

StateImpact Oklahoma’s, “How Disposal Wells Might Cause Earthquakes”

Tips from Joe Wertz:

  • Simple stuff works the best.
  • It takes a lot of writing to making something complicated easy to understand.
  • Think ahead of time about what exactly the compelling thing is that you can explain and can’t show and what you can show but can’t explain.

Create Your Favorite StateImpact Features in Core Publisher

NPR Digital Services has created an excellent resource for reporters who are new to Core Publisher, replete with a downloadable manual. There are a few things, though, that we’ve grown accustomed to created on our WordPress StateImpact sites that are not yet included in that documentation.

Below are some of our recommendations for how you can duplicate some of those features (including maps, charts and graphs, tables, document viewers, images, topic pages, pages, featured posts) on your station site.


  • Google Fusion Maps can be embedded as iframes and include the new built-in legend feature. This works well in both Core Publisher posts and pages.

Here is some guidance to help you through that process.


  • Google Spreadsheets will likely be the best option, even though images will have to be created and uploaded as full-screen images OR as iframes. It isn’t optimal, but it work.

Toolbox Instructions from Emilie Ritter Saunders on embedding them (and instructions from Yan Lu on creating charts and graphs, if you’re not too comfortable with that part).

  • For ready-made Google charts with official data, like this, the iFrame embed is a good option and easy to update.

  • Also, if you are going the iframe route,know that you can modify the iframe width and/or height to 100%. To do this, simply add 100% (including the percent sign) into the embed code, overriding the pixel measurements.


  • Tables can easily be displayed in Core Publisher by using the iframe publishing option in Google Fusion Tables. However, filterable tables are not an option, unfortunately. Continue reading

Using The NPR API To Share Your Work

We’re implementing a new WordPress plugin to “ingest” StateImpact posts into the NPR API and, thus, your stations’ sites.

Most of our states have been pushing posts to the API since launch. But the plugin that we’d been using had limited functionality. Kevin Moylan and others at NPR Digital Services have been working on developing a new plugin that works much better. And, now, it is ready to launch.

Here’s what you can expect to transfer nicely from WordPress to Core Publisher using v1.5 of the plugin:

  • Regular posts (including bylines and excerpts)
  • Inline Images (including captions and credits). All images in the post will be sent to the API regardless of the “can distribute” flag in the WordPress Media Library. 
  • Audio (see instructions below)
  • Video embeds (and other iFrames that can be inserted into posts)

Features that won’t transfer nicely (many of which you can still recreate manually in Core Publisher by following these instructions) include:

How Your Source Can Use an iPhone to Get You Better Audio of Your Phone Interview

Tired of getting lousy tape from phone interviews? With a little help from your source (and a little coaching from you), he or she can use an iPhone to get you better quality audio. Here’s a great tutorial from PBS’ MediaShift — consider sending it to your source if you’re going to try it out.

Google Fusion Maps with Joe Wertz

StateImpact Oklahoma’s Joe Wertz, mapping wizard, shows us how to create an interactive map using Google Fusion Maps and some raw data in this quick and simple tutorial.

Here is the data that you can use, if you’d like to try this at home.

(Don’t be alarmed! The audio doesn’t kick in until about ten seconds in.)

Creating a Legend

Of special note, around minute 31 (31:00), Joe walks us through creating a legend for your map. To do that (in the new and improved version):

  1. In the map view, click on the little arrow on top of the “Map of…” tab and navigate down to “change map styles.
  2. Whether you are dealing with points or polygons, make sure that your bucket ranges are exactly as you’d like them to appear in your legend.
  3. Click on “automatic legend” (your last option on the list to the left).
  4. Create a title for your legend.
  5. Decide where you’d like your legend to appear (typically in the bottom right-hand corner,  unless your map makes a different corner preferable).
  6. Hit “Save.”

Embedding an Iframe Into Your Site

At minute 32 (32:35), Joe shows us how to embed an iframe with your map and legend right into your site.

  1. Click on Share (in the upper right-hand corner) and publish it to the web. You’ll see your current sharing settings listed towards the top. If it doesn’t say “Public” hit the blue “Change” and select “Public on the web.” Continue reading

Nuts and Bolts: Embed Charts and Tables in WordPress and Core Publisher

After you get your chart or table into Google Drive and formatted the way you’d like to, follow these steps, kindly collected by data viz maven Emilie Ritter Saunders, to get it into your post:

Embedding Charts in WordPress

  1. Make your chart public to the web: Share —-> Change “public on the web”
  2. Publish your table: Click the arrow dropdown (upper right corner of the chart) —-> Select a chart1publish format “Image.”
  3. Copy that “Image” code and paste it into the HTML side of your WordPress editor.

Embedding Tables in WordPress

  1. Make your table public to the web: Share —-> Change “public on the web”
  2. Publish your table: File —-> Publish to the web —-> Click Publish or Republish Now
  3. Copy the URL.
  4. Paste the URL into the spreadsheet function in WordPress, “Google Spreadsheet Key.” Continue reading