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So, You Want To Make An Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are great at illustrating complicated policy issues, sometimes. Over the past two years we have learned several tips for making videos that delight and inform our audiences. It starts with deciding if a video is right for you. Let this handy guide show you the way:

Check out a few examples of successfully videos below and read tips from your StateImpact colleagues.

StateImpact Ohio’s, “A Video Guide to Ohio’s New Way of Evaluating Teachers

Tips from Molly Bloom:

  • The whole process of polishing a script made it a lot better. Realize you’re writing for a different medium and make good use of that.
  • The length was a bit too long, people started to get distracted around the two-minute mark.
  • Showing it to lots of people and seeing what people didn’t understand was really helpful.

StateImpact Florida’s, “A Parent’s Guide To How The New Common Core Tests Are Different From FCAT

Tips from John O’Connor:

  • We directed the video toward a specific group, so we knew who we were talking to and we worked hard to address it to that audience.
  • Don’t try to make videos out of things that don’t work as video.
  • Have someone involved in the project who has done this before to advise the project.

StateImpact Oklahoma’s, “How Disposal Wells Might Cause Earthquakes”

Tips from Joe Wertz:

  • Simple stuff works the best.
  • It takes a lot of writing to making something complicated easy to understand.
  • Think ahead of time about what exactly the compelling thing is that you can explain and can’t show and what you can show but can’t explain.

How Not To Get Sued When Using Flickr

Flickr is a wonderful place to find images to illustrate blog posts but we need to be mindful of a few rules that can keep us from getting sued for improper photo usage.

National Library NZ / Flickr

Herbert George Ponting and a telephoto apparatus in Antarctica, January 1912

All Flickr images have an accompanying license. You can find the image license by scrolling down the right hand side of the Flickr page. We cannot use images that have an “all rights reserved” license unless we have permission from the photographer. The images that we can lawfully use without fear of getting sued are images designated BY or BY/NC.

Flickr also has a variety of collections that are free use including The Commons and US Government Works.

Creative Commons (FAQ)

What Creative Commons photos can we use? 

  • Photos with an “Attribution” license — symbolized as “BY”
  • Photos with an “Attribution-Non-Commerical” license — symbolized as “BY/NC”

Stateimpact.Npr.Org x DressHead Chiffon Kimono

Stateimpact.Npr.Org x DressHead Chiffon Kimono – White and Chocolate

This kimono inspired by Stateimpact.Npr.Org and is one of the newest fashion trends to hit Europe. Made from a comfortable chiffon fabric, it lays on the skin so softly it can’t help but emphasize the soft and delicate features of your skin. This kimono comes in white and chocolate (shown) and is such a playful and light fabric that it plays across the skin like a feather. The top is a layered style with a bow to separate the waist and hips. The bottom is a loose fit short, cut leg that pulls the eyes directly to the legs. This outfit is so cute that people will stop to watch you walk by. It is perfect for a date night out with your honey. Look like the sweet, innocent girl you are. For the small (S) size the measurements are: the shoulder width is 32 cm; the chest circumference is 84 cm; and the length is 72 cm.