Summer Camp: FOIA Tips with Ida Lieszkovsky

Check out our FOI star Ida Lieszkovsky’s quick primer on strategies for getting the documents you want from government agencies.

The webinar includes:

  • A review of the importance of knowing your FOIA laws and legal precedents. “I’ve found it important not just to review the Ohio guidelines, but to also review the successes and failures of public records requests in the state, since they can often help me anticipate how people will react and I can taylor my request with that in mind,” says Ida.
  • How to write a good public records request (be specific – but not too specific)
  • Best practices for getting a response (be kind, but persistent).
  • Options after a records request is rejected
  • Examples of stories that StateImpact Ohio has done using FOIA requests
  •  A lively conversation among StateImpact reporters on how to get responses, how to deal with the sometimes ridiculous costs of FOIAs, and other issues.


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