Social Media: Beyond Self-Promotion

In this webinar, we share ways to use social media (including Twitter, Facebook and Reddit) to engage with your core communities. We break down simple ways you can tweak the work you are already doing to maximize your social media presence. And we’ll share how other reporters—including your StateImpact brethren—are using social media to inform stories and promote their work.

StateImpact Webinar: Social Media For Reporters from StateImpact on Vimeo.


  • Tweet your beat
  • Become the go-to source.
  • When Tweeting stories, pulling an interesting fact or quote.
  • Retweet other reporters the same way, and comment or add information whenever possible.
  • Give on-the-fly updates when out reporting.
  • Can Tweet same story more than once, just space it out and add new information.
  • Engage users
    • Follow people right away, while you are fresh in their memory.
    • See who the influencers in your beat are following.
    • Ask sources to Tweet out stories and/or tweet a quote from them with their @handle, a little context and the link.
  • Others
  • Use #hashtags and @handle.
  • Tweet images
  • Use good manners (share other’s work using @handle, thank retweeters, join conversations, etc.)

Facebook: what kinds of stories are popular?

  • News explainers
  • Provocative controversies
  • Topical buzzers


  • Become a Reddit user first: find out what people are talking about, comment on other people’s posts and gain credibility in the community.
  • Don’t just put your story link on Reddit: You will either be ignored or banned by promoting your own story.

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