Fun with Google Analytics

If you’re just get­ting started using Google Analytics, there are several online tools and how-tos to help you get started. One of our favorites is Media Bistro‘s primer on some of the key elements that journalists find helpful (lots of them are designed for business folk).

Of course, Google has an exhaustive set of tuto­ri­als and how-tos on their site.

In this post, I am going to share with, step-by-step, how to find some of the team’s favorite analytics. 

To see your top page views:

  • After logging in, choose your site from the upper left “All Accounts” menu.
  • Choose a start date and an end date from the upper right “Date Range” module. Don’t forget to hit “Apply” after changing the dates.
  • The “Content” panel on the left side menu will tell you which stories got most traffic. I often prefer the “Page Title” view better than the “Page” view, because you can see the titles rather than URLs.

To see where your traffic is coming from:

  • The “Traffic Sources” panel tells you how your audience finds their ways to your website. I would always first look at the “keywords” and see what the hot topics are.
  • “Source” under “Referral Traffic” is also something interesting to look at. You may have interesting findings. Rob Jones? Really? 

Those are just how we often use GA for network news. Play with it and share your findings. Happy exploring!


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