How to Use the Add Link Tool

StateImpacters, there’s a hidden tool in your WordPress editor that should make it easier for you to link to your previous posts and topics pages. How to use it:

The "add link" interface will make linking to your previous content a little easier.

1. In your post or topic page, highlight the text you want to link out.

2. Click on the “Insert/edit link” icon, just as you typically do for your hyperlinks.

3. When the window pops up, instead of entering the destination URL, click on “Link to existing content” in the second part of the window.

4. Clicking on that will open up a search and a reverse chron listing of your previous posts and topic pages. Just search for the headline terms of the post or topic you want to link to and select it.

5. Click on the story you want to link to, and it will show up in the URL field above the search.

6. Click “Add Link” and you’re all set.

Obviously, this only queries your previous original content, so if you want to link out to other sources (which you should, generously), this add link tool won’t work — do it the old fashioned way.


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