What We Talk About When We Talk About Online Communities

NPR’s Social Media Team member and Two-Way Blogger Eyder Peralta was kind enough to give us some practical examples of NPR’s work in community engagement. Of course, you had to sit through me talking about how to frame online communities, first. Here’s a look back at our webinar from last week:

Characteristics of online community

  • Authenticity: as long as you are authentic to your community, you can pretty much tell them anything and they’ll believe it.
  • Purpose: what do your community members have in common?
  • Safety: if your community doesn’t feel safe, it won’t participate.
  • Empowerment: if you gives tools to your users, they can do work for you.
  • Trust: if your community doesn’t trust you, it won’t participate.

Eyder Peralta’s tips:

  • Comments are content.
  • After cultivated a community, ask your community questions. Simple questions yield complex answers.
  • Edit your community, e.g. Audience diary project and NPR baby project.

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