How to Feature Posts

This is an example of the featured post widget.

We’ve rolled out a new functionality that will allow you to feature posts in the right rail, in a widget. These instructions will take you through featuring posts, and then putting in the widget on both your home page and your post page. First, the screen cast to walk you through the process. And below the jump you can read instructions.

1. Choose the posts you want to feature. For each one, go back into the post, and choose a featured image for it. The good news is that if the post already has photos in it, just choose “Gallery” in your photo window and choose the photo, then choose “Use as featured image.”

2. Repeat for at least four posts. Just as you do for topics pages, all featured posts will require a “featured image”.

3. Go to Appearance > Menus and choose “Featured Posts” as the tab.

4. Go to Screen Options on the upper right hand corner. Put a check mark next to “Posts”. This will allow you to see the posts you can choose from to feature.

5. Just as you do for featured topics pages, choose the posts you want to feature and put them in the menu. Choose three to five.

6. Save.

7. Now to go Appearance > Widgets and choose “Primary” on the right hand side by opening up that down pointing arrow. Then drag “Featured Posts” under the ad widget and in the absence of an ad widget, drag it under “About StateImpact.”

8. Then scroll down and use the down arrow to open up “Post Page Sidebar”. Drag Featured Posts into the same place, under “About StateImpact.”

9. Check out your home page and post page. Both should have the widget now.


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