How to Format a Q&A In Your Post

It’s easy! No, really. The screencast guides you through (after the standard 15 seconds where my video doesn’t encode correctly):

Things to remember:
Don’t type in a Q or A in front of your questions and answers when you transcribe your interviews. Also don’t put the speaker names in, because our formatting will make clear which are questions and we assume the questioner is always the blog post author. Also, don’t bold or do anything to the text. Simply type in the questions and their answers, and separate those with spaces.

Then, all you have to do is highlight the full question, then click the Q button in your edit panel. Same for answers. REMEMBER: You must highlight an entire answer before hitting the “A” button to format, even if the answer is long and separated with a space. It will confuse the system if you don’t highlight all of a question, and all of its answer.

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