Web Writing for Broadcasters: The Webinar

NPR.org weekend web editor Melisa Goh explains how to convert radio scripts for web and passes on some other helpful web writing tips.

Writing for the Web:

  • Text is king on the Web.
  • Your goal for everything you write on the Web is to get the user to stick around.
  • Your Web text needs to hook people in early and get them to keep reading.

Melisa Goh’s Ten tips for writing web text:

  • Think about how to tell the web story before you start reporting.
  • Report for the web while you’re reporting for broadcast.
  • Keep your writing tight and compelling.
  • Think visually: what parts of the story can you tell with images?
  • Use nut graf.
  • Manage your quotes and transitions.
  • Always attribute.
  • Watch your spelling, style and grammar.
  • Consider how the user will get to your story.
  • After your story posts, promote it.

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