Twitter Promotion: Not What You Say But How You Say It

Smart, successful twitter promotion requires more than just tweeting out your headline, even if your headline is awesome. StateImpact Pennsylvania’s Scott Detrow had an instructive experience on Friday.

This morning, I tweeted a straightforward explanation of the regs story: “My look at PA’s #fracking disclosure regs, and how they compare to other states:”
Straighforward, but not  too interesting. I got one, maybe two retweets.

A few hours later, I tried again with this:

“When it comes to public availability of info, PA is at back of the #fracking disclosure pack”

More information in that tweet, and more of a reason for someone to click on the link. I’ve been getting steady RTS throughout the day on the second tweet, and therefore more people are ending up on the site.

So – it’s worth taking the time go into Twitter and write something out – maybe the most interesting fact or angle in the post – rather than just clicking the “tweet” button on the story or copying and pasting the headline in.

Potential Approaches:

1. Frame your tweet with the most interesting nugget in the piece.

2. Choose the most compelling quote from the post, and include it as the hook to your link.

3. The web loves a numbered list, so even if your headline doesn’t have “Top 3” or “15 Ways,” you can still promote your post that way.

4. Go with something counter-intuitive. For example, take Slate’s recent tweet: A rare piece of good news for the markets, via @Slatest:

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