Corrections Page Buildout

We expect our journalists to be accountable to their audiences. One of the most effective ways to do that is to admit mistakes and promptly correct them. Digital reporters, as you build out your tags, I ask that you please build out a page called “Corrections and Clarifications” and include the following text:

Our ultimate goal is to be both accountable for our coverage and transparent with our audience. To that end, any StateImpact story that requires a factual correction will be updated to reflect the change, and include an “editor’s note” to say what the nature of the correction or clarification was. For example:

We reported that a student at the for-profit Kaplan University had been seeking a law degree and had not been told that participation in the program would not allow him to take the bar exam in Iowa. We should have made clear that the student was enrolled in a B.A. program in paralegal studies, not in a law degree program.

In addition, all online errors that get corrected will be tagged and aggregated on this page. Email [enter primary digital reporter email here] with your requests for corrections or clarifications.

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