How to add a slideshow

Our revised slideshow format is engineered for simplicity and flexibility. Recommended dimensions of slideshow images are the same as recommended dimensions for large images in posts (the ideal photo is 620 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall; height matters less than width in this case), and must be saved in JPG format. While WordPress can “downsize” images that are larger than 620 pixels wide, it cannot “upsize” or make small images larger, so always upload images 620 pixels wide or larger.

The slideshow presentation has been optimized for horizontal images cropped at a 3×2 ratio, so whenever possible use a horizontal image. The slideshow will support other dimensions, but again: the ideal horizontal crop is 620×360. If you must use a vertical, the ideal crop is 300×400. Finally, the depth of vertical images should not exceed 400px.

  • Step 1: From any post editing screen, click the Add Media.
  • Step 2: Click on Upload Files.
  • Step 3: After locating the folder containing your images, hold down the SHIFT key and highlight multiple image files by clicking your mouse (MAC instructions). If you are on a PC, hold down the CONTROL key and highlight multiple image files. Click OPEN when done.
  • Step 4: After the images have been uploaded, you can now begin to add titles, bylines and captions to each individual image. Click the checkmark on each image to add this information.
  • Step 5: Add a TITLE. This is the title of the image. In the CREDIT and ORGANIZATION fields, add a byline or credit for the image (e.g., Mollly Bloom for CREDIT and StateImpact Ohio for ORGANIZATION). Add a caption in the CAPTION field.
  • Step 6: When you have added TITLES, BYLINES and CAPTIONS to all images, click on CREATE GALLERY on the far-left sidebar. Here you can click and highlight images to make put them in your slideshow. You can also make sure that your images all have captions and credits.
  • Step 7: Click on the big blue CREATE A NEW GALLERY button at the bottom.
  • Step 8: Make sure that the images are in the order you’d like them to be in and click INSERT GALLERY.
  • Step 9: Done! Enjoy your slideshow by previewing or viewing the slideshow post.

Important Notes

  • If you want to add images from Flickr or any other third party site, you first need to download the images to your computer. Save them in a folder and upload them using the instructions above.

Finding the manual could be a lot of fun, especially if you like to write but find composing a hard or an easy task.

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