How to add audio

Audio clips can be added to any post or page in WordPress. The only prerequisite is that the audio needs to be save as an MP3 and must be hosted on a live, public-facing web server.

  • Step 1: Click Posts -> Add New on in the admin panel.
  • Step 2: Click the Add Audio/Music icon.
  • Step 3: Click FROM URL at the top of the window. Paste the full link or path to your MP3 file. Your organization should have an established workflow for hosting audio online. We are merely linking to this MP3 file in WordPress and wrapping it in an MP3 player. Consult your station’s webmaster if you don’t know what an MP3 is or don’t know how to post it to the web. Finally, click INSERT INTO POST and the audio will be added where your cursor is located.
  • Step 4: WordPress will add the MP3 to the post using what is called “Shortcode”. This is represents your audio clip, the title, and the caption. Edit the caption by changing the default text stating “Insert Caption Here”.
  • Step 5: Done! Publish your post and listen to your awesome audio clip!

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