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Meter Reading: The Big Voice of Big Oil, Federal Green Energy Loans Back on the Menu, and More

Green Energy Loans Back on the Federal Menu “Six months after the expiration of a federal loan guarantee program that backed $16 billion in loans to solar, wind and geothermal energy projects, the Energy Department has decided to offer a smaller set of similar guarantees by tapping another pot of money appropriated by Congress last year,” the New York Times reports.

NPR: ‘Sunny Days Are Here Again — But Is That Good?‘ “Across the country, more than 7,700 daily temperature records were broken last month, on the heels of the fourth warmest winter on record,” NPR writes. “While it might be time to lie on a blanket in the park, climate scientists are worried. They say all these sunny days are actually an extreme weather event, one with local and global implications.”

The Big Force Behind Big Oil ”Ask oil lobbyists, oil executives, and former employees and board members of the American Petroleum Institute how they describe API President Jack N. Gerard, and one thing they don’t say is soft,” the Washington Post writes. “One calls him a “hard-nosed guy.” Another says he is “a political animal” who “loves a fight.” Yet another dubs him “Voldemort.” And those are people who consider themselves supporters of the oil industry.”


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