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Meter Reading: Resurgence of Uranium Mining in Texas, Gas Prices Woes, and More

Uranium Mining Making a Comeback in Texas For the Texas Tribune, Kate Galbraith reports on a resurgence in uranium mining in the state. Uranium has been mined in Texas for decades, but companies see a potential hike in demand for their product. They are ramping up for a new push, despite concerns from environmental groups that past operations have not been sufficiently cleaned up and pose a threat to aquifers that people drink from.”

You Know Who Else Is in a Bad Drought? Britain ”Half of Britain is now in drought as the country faces its most severe water shortage since 1976, the Environment Agency warns today,” writes the Telegraph. More than 35 million people are now living in drought-affected areas, with water shortages today declared across the Midlands and South West.”

Gas Prices Woes (For Natural, That Is) ”The talk of the town these days is gas prices and what to do about them,” Loren Steffy writes for FuelFix. “Not gasoline prices. After all, this is Houston. It’s natural gas prices, which slumped to a 10-year low last week, that are causing concern.”


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