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Meter Reading: Matt Damon, Coming to an Anti-Fracking Film New You, Google’s Innovative Cooling, and More

Refinery Agrees to Pay Penalty After Violating Clean Air Act ”Marathon Petroleum has agreed to pay a $460,000 civil penalty and is adding air pollution controls to its Texas City refinery and five others to resolve alleged violations of the Clean Air Act,” FuelFix reports.

Matt Damon Will Be in Anti-Fracking Film ”WME Agency, which represents Damon, confirmed that the “Good Will Hunting” star has signed on to the movie and co-wrote the film, and that it is, indeed, about hydraulic fracturing — the controversial practice of pumping a mixture of sand, water and chemicals into a well to break up rock and help extract natural gas,” Politico reports.

How Google Will Cool Its New Buildings With Ice ”Google’s new $700 million data centers in Taiwan will make ice at night, when electricity is significantly cheaper, and use it to cool the buildings during the day,” writes Grist. “It’s called thermal storage, and it’s basically a battery, but for air conditioning.”


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