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Meter Reading: Austin Energy Rate Debates, Climate Change Skeptics’ Classroom Strategy, Peak Oil & More

Austin Energy Rate Debate Could Be for the Long Haul “Get ready to keep talking about Austin Energy’s rate increases,” say our colleagues at KUT News. “The Austin City Council approved a timetable for work sessions delving deeply into all aspects of the proposed rate increase: rates for houses of worship, rates for out-of-Austin customers, the utility’s debt service requirements, solar and renewable energy goals, and practically any other issue you can imagine,” they report.

How Climate Change Skeptics Are Trying to ‘Re-write’ Curriculum The New York Times finds that despite how recent memos from the Heartland Institute were discovered, there remains the ”fact that Heartland does not deny what the two authentic documents… reveal: that the institute is working to influence climate education in the schools.”

Looking at Peak Oil Through the Eyes of a Realist Forrest Wilder interviews Tad Patzek for the Texas Observer. “Though Patzek considers himself a steely realist, not a pessimist, a conversation with him will not leave you feeling particularly sunny,” Wilder writes. “Patzek… doesn’t do Pollyanna when it comes to the global energy dilemma. [He] is firmly in the Peak Oil camp.”

Editorial: ‘Six Ways Obama Can Lower Gas Prices‘ “As Americans are discovering, when crude oil prices jump, gasoline prices can leap even more, pulling their payroll tax cuts out of their wallets and into their gas tanks,” writes Diana Furchtgott-Roth of the Manhattan Institute. “But though Iran, in a tussle with Europe over economic sanctions aimed at its suspected drive for atomic weapons, is a convenient scapegoat, the heart of the problem lies closer to home, with our own energy policy.”


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