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StateImpact Network News: February 18 – 24

Spotlight: An audio blockbuster to learn from

Many of you may have already heard This American Life’s ambitious two-part series about a Chicago high school. We’re interested in your feedback on it and how it applies to our work. Ken Rudin has started the conversation with his thoughts on the piece.

Goodbye from Sarah Gonzalez

Former StateImpact reporter Sarah Gonzalez left Miami last week and is now headed for WYNC, where she recently accepted a position as an enterprise reporter, covering Northern New Jersey. She wanted to take this opportunity to say bid us all adieu.

I miss StateImpact already. I adore the work you all do so much and I will keep visiting your Continue reading

Network News: July 30 – August 5

In the Spotlight:

Scott Detrow of StateImpact Pennsylvania proved once again this week that while high-tech storytelling tools can help make a story richer, more accessible and more enticing for readers, they can never replace good, ol’ fashioned shoe-leather reporting.

Scott Detrow / StateImpact Pennsylvania

A Bradford Co., Pa., resident lights a methane gas sample on fire.

For more than a year, talking heads and industry leaders have been maintaining that methane migration in the course of natural gas drilling is a thing of the past. “Prob­lem iden­ti­fied. Prob­lem solved,” Chesa­peake Energy CEO Aubrey McClen­don declared last year.

But, after reporting in June on a particularly conspicuous leak (a.k.a. geyser), Detrow opted to continue following the story where it led. He shot video of a second, unreported leak nearby, spent some time with the affected family and made some additional calls and visits, eventually publishing a comprehensive, authoritative report on the lingering problem.

The piece was featured in ProPublica’s Muckreads and a news aggregation site for investors (which brought many new eyes to the site). It was also linked to by the New York Times’ Dot Earth blog.

Well played, Mr. Detrow!

Last Week’s Reader Faves

Most visited stories last week, in raw numbers:

  1. Pennsylvania: In Northeast Pennsylvania, Methane Migration Means Flammable Puddles And 30-Foot Geysers
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