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Four Quick Story Types To Help Keep Up Your Daily Momentum

Elise Hu

StateImpact Indiana reporters Ben Skirvin (left) and Kyle Stokes (right).

To follow up on my last post, StateImpact bloggers should be following a regimen of at least five posts a day, but ideally, even more than that. This is key to maintaining vibrancy and life to your site. If you are going to be the definitive destination for a public policy area in your state, there should be no shortage of analysis, explanation and information worth bringing to your readers attention, whether its originated from your reporting or someone else’s.

But I know y’all are balancing a lot of expectations at once. So don’t overthink it. Keep in mind that of your five posts a day, at least two are curated, you have the help of a broadcast partner and the original work you do can come in non-narrative formats. Here are some story types to help get you through the day:

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One Month In: A Checklist for Success

StateImpacters, you are making us so proud with all your quality content and great attitudes. Now that our first three sites have been live for more than a month, it’s time for a progress report to see where we are at and where we can improve. Newer states — it’s never too early to get into good habits.

I thought the best way to do this was for you to have a list of questions framed as challenges for your site. I broke them down in various vectors — production, promotion, particulars and habits:

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