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Slideshow: Our Washington News Director Confab

Thanks again to all the station folk who made it out to our DC meetup. We learned so much from you and hopefully you’re revved up for the project after everything we talked about. I was taking photos of y’all throughout the day… so here’s a look at you in action.

StateImpact. Winning.

Hello from NPR in D.C.! We’re excited to have this StateImpact Blog going so that you can stay updated on our planning and ideas from here until launch. I’m Digital Editorial Coordinator Elise Hu, and I along with our other team members will be using this space to share what’s on our minds and give you a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action, like photos from our station trips.

To take a cue from our Program Director (and my favorite Chicago-reared bass player), Joel Sucherman, this is where the fun begins. Who’s with me?