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Reporter Expectations We Can Get Behind

Stand apart from the rest of the media crowd.

Voice of San Diego is one of dozens of regional non-profit news organizations that have cropped up in the last few years, partly as a response to the downsizing of newspapers the experimentation in new ways to pay for “capital J” journalism. We, like the VOSD’s and Bay Citizen’s and Texas Tribune’s out there, are building a new journalism brand in an era of information overload. So how do we distinguish ourselves? The answer lies in our approach, and I can’t emphasize enough that we must make context our franchise.

So I was thrilled when media observer and critic Jay Rosen got a copy of VOSD’s Reporter Expectations and posted them on his site last week. There a lot of key principles we share. You can read the full list at PressThink, but I’ve picked out, below, the parts most aligned with the StateImpact mission.
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